Min Huang grew up in Chongqing, a metropolis in south-west of China. He was fascinated by beautiful photos on advertisements and magazines since childhood. When he came to Canada, he was amazed by the photos of Canadian landscape. In year 2004, Min Huang bought his first camera (Canon Powershot S60, a digital point and shot camera), and began to record. From some web sites, such as photo.net and cameraunion.net (the biggest Chinese photography website), he learned the basic techniques to use camera and light, and retouching skills. He find himself getting fascinated by the photography during the learning process.

To systematically learn photography, Min Huang entered the Commercial Photography program of Dawson College in Montreal in 2006. During the first semester in Dawson, a shooting tragedy happened in Dawson. Min Huang took photos of people and memorial events after the shooting. He contributed those photos to the Dawson's newspaper. The newspaper published those photos and deemed those photos "adequately reported" the event. In the same year, Min Huang won the 3rd prize of Dawson in photo contest of BridgeStone. These successes encouraged him to practice and study more in photography.

Min Huang believes that photography is "to record and present photos in the best manner."
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